Cargo Ground Handling

Cargo Ground Handling

When no one has an answer, ICCS offers solutions!

Support for any aircraft type, anywhere in Mexico and Latin America. Loading, Offloading, Build up, Break Down, Door to Door, Trucking, and more.

Our Services:

Full Service Package

Loading / Offloading, Regular Landing Fee, Regular Parking Fee (2 hours), Aircraft Immigration Fee, Customs and Health Clearances, Crew Transportation, FBO Facilities (where available), Flight Plan Coordination, Fuel Coordination, Fuel into Plane Supervision, Weather Briefing, Arrival/Departure and International Coordination.

Basic Service Package

All of the above services, excluding Loading / Offloading.

Additional Services to the Package

Landing, and Overflight Permits and Authorizations, Fuel, Overtime Parking, Overtime Landing, Overtime Fuel Cancellation (Before Airport Closing), Overtime Cancellation (Before Airport Closing), Overtime Tips, Overnight, Trucking, Mechanic Service, Catering, GPU, APU, Push-back and Towing, Air Navigation Fee (SENEAM), Build-up and Break-down, APIS and Taxes.