Landing permits and authorizations

Landing permits and authorizations


Our dedicated staff based in Mexico City along with our implant at DGAC (Mexican Civil Aviation Authority) is always ready to assist you with the process for One Time Permits for last minute flights, Part 91, Part 135, Part 121 and Indefinite Blanket Permits and any other kind of legal and regulatory assistance.

Landing permits are required for both private and charter flights.

Part 91

Private Aircraft. Non-revenue Flights.

Single Entry Authorization

For aircraft occasionally flying to Mexico.

Valid only for one flight.

Multiple Entries Authorization

For aircraft flying regularly to Mexico.

Valid for a calendar year (from January to December).

Part 135 & 121 One Time Permits

Charter / Revenue Flights

Special and last minute flights.

For Companies with an IBP in process.

Valid only for one flight.

Part 121 Landing Authorizations

Charter / Revenue Flights

Mandatory for each flight when flying to Mexico with a Part 121 IBP.

Valid only for each flight.

Overflight Permit

For all aircraft flying over Mexican Air Space. SENEAM Clearance Process – Tail number and route will be required.

Part 135 & 121 Indefinite Blanket Permits (IBP)

IBP Part 135

Applicable for up to 3.5 tons payload aircraft or less than 14 seats.

Covers from one aircraft to the whole fleet.

IBP Requires Yearly Verification.

IBP Part 121

Applicable for over 3.5 tons payload aircraft or more than 14 seats.

Covers from one aircraft to the whole fleet.

Do not require a Yearly Verification.

Additionally to the IBP, each flight requires a Landing Authorization.